Adam and Laurie

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  • August16th

    Bora BoraWe’ve just celebrated our first year of marriage and we’re happy to report…, it’s been great! Our honeymoon in Moorea and Bora Bora (pictured) was an amazing trip that started us off in paradise (after a little time for Laurie to take the bar exam, which she passed). Laurie just took a full-time position at a law firm in Los Angeles, she’s working very hard but loving it. Adam’s busy working to make his next Waterfall Films project and has several television and film projects moving through the process. Both of us have been working with Lupus LA on several charity events and we even ran a 5K to raise money (well, Laurie ran and Adam walked with vigor). Keep checking back and we’ll be sure to update the site with any new news.

  • March30th

    Selkowitz Engagement 0069We’re just two short months away from the big day! We’re busy getting all of the last minute details ironed out, and the invitations will hit the mail soon. We’ve had some great showers and engagement celebrations and now we’re in the home stretch. We’re so thankful to all of our family and friends for helping us to enjoy the ride and adding to all of the excitement. The website has some new additions, be sure to check out the “Things To Do” page and we’ve added some additional travel information as well. Start getting your dancing shoes ready and we’ll see you in LA in May!

  • September18th

    Selkowitz-Engagement-0419Hello and thanks for visiting!  We’re very much looking forward to our wedding, and we’re excited to share all of the latest developments with you.  We’ve been very busy with florists, caterers, tent companies (yup, we’re having a tent!), and many other vendors, putting together what we hope will be a magical wedding.  We hope you’ll find this website useful in arranging your travel plans, and we’ve included lots of cool links to things to do while you’re in town, as well as travel and hotel deals.  We can’t wait to see you in May – right here in LA!